Advanced Call Center Technologies: Current Trends and Best Practices

Advanced Call Center Technologies – You are always surrounded by the technology of a call center. Everything from how to answer a call to the after-call notes you need to send is connected to technology. If you don’t know what the current and future trends in advanced call center technology are, you may be falling behind.

Checking the available options is as good as looking ahead.

Learn about the latest contact center technology, read this post, and become a world-class contact center as you implement it.

Advanced Call Center Technologies Used by World-Class Centers

The following call center technologies may seem very advanced in older call centers: However, all world-class centers use this technology every day.

They don’t make your life easier in a call center. It also improves call quality and the workload of employees. Apply this advanced call center technology to ensure the smooth operation of your call center.

1. Omnichannel Support

Many call centers are already using multi-channel methods to engage with customers. But providing omnichannel support is what sets a world-class call center apart.

What is the difference between omnichannel and omnichannel support in a call center?

Omnichannel support means connecting with customers via phone, email, text message, or online chat. Omnichannel means that all the different questions can be processed in the same session.

You can receive incoming calls during a chat session, and when all the data enters the CRM, the platform encapsulates it. This call center technology gives agents more freedom and effective problem-solving customers.

Omnichannel is a popular trend today, but it’s not the end of contact center interaction innovation. Find out what the future holds for the not-too-distant future at NICE CEO Paul Jarman’s omnichannel contact center.

2. Advanced Analysis Software

Every world-class call center needs to invest in analytics. This tool actually improves the quality of the contact center.

You can’t rely on customer surveys to see how well you’re doing.

By monitoring every call, searching for keywords, and building a customer profile, call center analytics software gives you the benefit of monitoring the entire customer journey.

Call analysis software changes the game in the way you see all the calls.

Everything you need to optimize and improve the customer experience. This is the biggest goal any world-class call center should have.

3. Workforce Management Software

Some advanced call center technologies have more to do with how a call center works than communicating with customers. Nevertheless, they are very important.

Advanced workforce management software can analyze representative statistics, estimate currency trends, process time, and predict workforce targets needed to handle demand. Real-time staffing advice also helps managers set up shifts faster.

Labor management software ensures that the right number of people are on the floor at the right time. This allows for the efficiency of the association and the smooth operation of the call center.

4. Self-service technology

Speaking of call center efficiency, advanced self-service skills help.

Many incoming calls do not consume the time and energy of your agent. If an interactive voice response (IVR) system can handle this, it can save your call center time and money.

However, self-service cannot be a service model.

It should be a useful add-on.

However, people don’t trust robots and love talking to others. The combination of IVR and agent interaction is a call center best practice when it comes to technology.

5. Robot automation

Today, everything about automation is important. And call centers can take advantage of this just like any other business.

Robot automation software makes the work process easier after the person in charge makes the call. It can automatically fill in forms, store information, and effectively create relevant notes.

If you have the budget, investing in robotic automation in a call center can make it more efficient.

6. Gamification

Not all advanced call center technologies have to be about call center KPIs and metrics. Some can also be fun. However, the end result is that it improves the performance of the call center.

An agent’s work can be exhausting and repetitive. Your task is to create a fun, exciting, and motivating environment for them. And gamification is a great way to do it.

Playing games, placing bets on each other (or opposite), and winning winnings can always brighten up the mood. And there are many call center games that you can tie your skills together.

Check out these 23 amazing games you can play in the call center for inspiration.

7. Advanced Call Center Reporting Technology

Real-time reporting is an advanced call center technology that everyone should have. This is how you can stay at the top of everything that happens in a call center.

You need a dashboard that shows the service level, calls in the queue, a technical summary of the personnel, agent status, and the number of calls that occurred during the day. You can also choose advanced reporting tools that also include third-party and non-phone data.

8. Voice authentication

The security of the call center is very important. In particular, when processing the financial information of customers. And that’s where voice authentication becomes an amazing call center technology that can be used.

Voice authentication is not yet widely available, but will be used in the future. This allows customers to verify their identity without having to go through a lengthy and tedious verification process.

9. QA Tools and Techniques

Quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QM) are essential for call centers and agents. If you have an advanced platform that monitors and evaluates the performance of your agents, you can provide personalized advice on improvements.

It improves the quality of your phone, the performance of the agent and the work culture of the center.

10. Advanced Contact Center Platform

All these advanced call center technologies are amazing, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have a fully integrated platform for your call center? Who leverages omnichannel communications, analyzes conversations, and evaluates for quality assurance at the same time?

In our new eBook, you can read about the call center technologies you need to implement, and how you can put it all together for the most efficient call center. Our Call Center Buying Software Guide covers it all (including pricing information).

The Call Center of the Future: What Technology Can You Expect?

Once you know what call center technology is, you know what to buy and what to apply. But if you’re thinking ahead of the curve here, you can also expect the latest innovations in call center technology before they launch.

This mindset can actually put your call center at the forefront.

Find out what the future holds for call center technology and innovation.

1. The rise of call center AI

Call centers will be taken over first before artificial intelligence (AI) takes over the world. AI agency support is already being heavily leveraged, and Google is developing its own AI call center technology.

You can already find AI chatbots and IVR systems.

However, the importance and scope of AI will certainly expand over the next few years. While AI will not replace customer service in call centers, it will certainly improve the customer experience.

2. Predictive Behavior Routing

Connecting callers and agents is not an art form. With the right call center skills, it can be science.

In the past, call routing has evolved from the longest latency to a skill-based routine. But in the future, it is also based on predicted behavior.

Imagine using analytics and AI to predict customer voices and connect you with like-minded agents. Information exchange, mood, and call success are exponential.

3. Cloud-based call center

Server rooms and physical databases will be a thing of the past. A cloud-based call center can lower overhead, speed up updates, and provide greater flexibility.

Clients prefer cloud-based contact centers where agents can be blindly monitored. Agents also benefit from having the option to work from home.

4. Video customer service

Although still very rare, businesses are turning to video customer service. FaceTime and one-way video chat (customers can see agents but not vice versa) are gaining popularity.

This helps agents and clients solve more complex problems for customers, such as troubleshooting.

5. Advanced call center technology for enhanced security

There are various security measures, but the technology behind them is constantly evolving. Today, speech recognition is the latest trend in call center information security that knows the future.

To be sure, we will continue to monitor the latest security innovations to keep our customers and their information safe.

Digital trends to watch out for in modern call centers

Although this calling technology is powerful, it requires people and infrastructure to use it. To modernize your call center and provide the best customer service experience, you need to complete the following three steps:

  1. Use any digital marketing channel: There are many social media platforms you can use to connect with your customers. Make sure you use all the correct ones.
  2. Consider 24/7 customer service: If you’re on a tight budget, customers love our 24-hour customer service line.
  3. Train agents on advanced call center skills: If you invest in advanced call center skills, make sure your reps and agents know how to use them. Get the most out of your investment by training on all the latest software and trends.

Find a call center that isn’t afraid to use technology

Clinging to outdated systems and processes can make your call center fail. Agents are constantly frustrated, overhead never goes down and, at worst, customer satisfaction.

With the right call center technology, you can modernize your contact center to reach the right customer at the right time.

At Zelena Plus, we use call center technology to get the job done perfectly. This is how we achieve better call times, more sales and higher customer satisfaction.

We use omnichannel communications, workforce management software, and gamification to make work efficient and effective.

Call today and talk about how cutting-edge technology can help your call center.